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AreaRAE Steel

£3,670.00ex. VAT £4,404.00 inc. VAT

Key Features:

  • Up to five sensors (PID, LEL, O2 and two toxic gas electrochemical)
  • Loud buzzer and large, extra-bright warning light
  • Large LCD display and keypad
  • Rugged, weather-resistant stainless-steel housing (IP-55)
  • Built-in sampling pump
  • Interchangeable Lithium-ion or alkaline battery pack
  • Continuous operation via AC source
  • Real-time wireless data transmission with built-in RF modem
  • View real-time sensor data and alarm status at headquarters or command center
  • ProRAE Remote software simultaneously controls and displays readings for up to 32 remote detectors
  • License-free, ISM wireless transmission with communication range up to 2 miles (3km), extendable with RAELink2 Repeaters
  • Optional GPS provides ability to track and display readings from remote detectors -Optional BiPod stand available

Detector Specifications:

  • Size – 9.25″L x 9.25″W x 9.25″D (235mm x 127mm x 235mm) without handle
  • Weight -13.85lbs (6.3kg) with battery pack
  • Operating hours – 36 hours continuous stand alone operation. 24 hours continuous wireless operation (Lithium Ion battery) 18 hours continuous wireless operation (alkaline battery)
  • Datalogging – 4000 points for each sensor with time stamp, serial number, user ID, Site ID
  • Operating temperature – 20 deg celsius to 40 deg celsius (-4 to 104f ) T3


AreaRAE Steel is a one to five sensor gas detector equipped with a wireless RF (radio frequency) modem which allows the unit to communicate and transmit readings and other information on a real-time basis with a remotely located base controller. Housed
in an extremely rugged stainless-steel enclosure, it is designed for applications in harsh environments.


RAE Systems

Additional information

What's included for the price?

– monitor as specified / sensors as specified
– PID lamp if specified
– carbon filters ( for units with CO )
– calibration adapter
– quick reference guide
– operation and maintenance manual
– shoulder strap
– rechargeable lithium ion battery pack
– 120/240VAC acdc adapter
– spare alkaline battery pack
– 10 spare external filters
– hard transport case with pre cut foam
– 5 metres teflon tubing
– tool kit


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