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If you want to hire gas detection equipment then Ribble Enviro should be your first port of call whether you want confined space, portable or personal protection monitors. We hire out the following monitors as required:

  • Single gas monitors
  • Multigas
  • PID' s with specific lamp specified as required
  • Compound specific monitors eg benzene , butadiene
  • Confined space monitors
  • Landfill gas monitors


  • MiniRAE 2000/Lite from £100.00 per week
  • MiniRAE 3000 from £100.00 per week
  • ppbRAE ( part per billion monitor ) from £150.00 per week
  • YSI Water Meter from £190.00 per week
  • UltraRAE Benzene Specific monitor from £150.00 per week
  • BW / Crowcon Ozone monitors from £100.00 per week
  • Single gas HCN/NH3/SO2/CL2/NO/NO2/PH3/EtO and others from £85.00 per week
  • MultiRAE Lite /BW Micro5 - 4 gas plus PID from £90.00 per week
  • Confined Space 4 gas monitors - LEL/O2/CO/H2S from £50.00 per week
  • GFM435 Landfill gas analyser from £190.00 per week
  • Carbon Dioxide monitors from £100.00 per week
  • GMI Landsurveyor/Gasurveyor and Gascoseekers 2-500 from £65.00pw and many more
  • GasClam Landfill Gas Monitor From £150.00 per week

The equipment comes complete with calibration certificate so it is ready to use as soon as you receive it. The monitor is stored in a hard case for added protection, and can be delivered anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

Prices quoted are per week so if you require longer term hire of any product please give us a ring and a competitive price can be quoted personal to yourself.

From time to time we will be offering special rates on hiring of equipment so bookmark this website to be kept fully in the picture.

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With over 80 years combined experience, Ribble Enviro is at the forefront of the gas detection market.

As the title suggests, we only do gas detection with no gimmicks and no fancy promises. Our open and honest policy enables us to show you our prices on the web with nothing hidden and no surprises. Whether you want to buy, hire or have equipment serviced, the price is there for you to see.


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