Detection Tubes

Detection Tubes

Collecting samples for analysis is made easy with gas detection tubes. The chemical reagent in the tube reacts with certain gases, initiating a colour change. By reading the measurement scale directly on the tube a concentration reading can be obtained. Response time differs between detection tubes and gases being measured but is generally quick. Easy to use with basic training, detection tubes offer a straightforward way to sample gas levels.

Ribble-Enviro stocks a large selection of detection tubes to suit various situations and need. Whatever your detection tube requirements, Ribble-Enviro has it covered.


Detection Tubes

Drager X-act 7000

Drager X-act 7000


Drager Chip Management System ( CMS )

£50.58ex. VAT £60.70 inc. VAT


Drager Air Flow Tester Kit

£67.00ex. VAT £80.40 inc. VAT


Accuro Hand Pump

£350.00ex. VAT £420.00 inc. VAT


Drager Direct Indicating Diffusion Tubes

Sale!£84.00 £73.50ex. VAT £88.20 inc. VAT

Drager Aerotest Tubes-04

Drager Aerotest Tubes

£31.65ex. VAT £37.98 inc. VAT


Drager Simultaneous Test Sets

£68.74ex. VAT £82.49 inc. VAT


RAE Detector Tubes & Pumps

£31.00ex. VAT £37.20 inc. VAT


Gastec Standard Detector Tubes

£28.00ex. VAT £33.60 inc. VAT


Drager Detection Tubes

£45.00ex. VAT £54.00 inc. VAT