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Sensit RLD-2

Refrigerant Leak detectors

The Sensit RLD -2 is a versatile refrigerant gas leak detector that is versatile and will automatically detect all existing refrigerants and blends including 404A.Locate refrigerant leaks quickly and accurately with the patented, state-of-the-art refrigerant detector. The very sensitive advanced ionization technology sensor requires no mechanical pump and detects virtually all refrigerants.

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    • Key Features:

      -High and low sensitivity settings and one hand operation makes leak detection quick and easy

      -No adjustments required.Detects all existing refrigerants to select and detect different refrigerants

      -Long battery life and long sensor life

      -Adjustable tick rate system

      -Durable , constructed of high impact ABS

      -Audible and flashing LED

      -16" gooseneck

      -Partial list of gases sensed include CFSs/HCFCs/HFCs/SF6/Ethylene Oxide/R-11/R-12/R-22/R-113/R-114/R-123/R-125/R-134a/R-500/R-502

      Detector Specification:

      -Size - 3.5" x 10" x 1.6"

      -Weight - 1.3llb ( 548g )

      -Operating Hours - 8 hrs continuous operation , 3"C" alkaline batteries

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