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ppbRAE 3000

Photo ionisation Detector

The ppbRAE 3000 is the most advanced handheld volatile organic compound ( VOC ) monitor on the market. Its extended range of 1 ppb to 10,000 ppm makes it an ideal instrument for applications from HazMat/Homeland Security and industrial hygiene to indoor air quality and military applications. The RF modem allows real-time data communication with a base controller located up to 500 feet away, two miles with optional RAELink3 portable modem.

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  • Instrument Product Key Information

    • Key Features:

      -3 second response time

      -Extended range from 1 ppb to 10,000ppm with improved linearity

      -Humidity compensation with integrated humidity and temperature sensors

      -Real time wireless data transmission with built in RF modem or bluetooth

      designed for simple service

      -Easy access to lamp and sensor in seconds without tools

      -Big graphic display for easy overview of gas type, Correction Factor and concentration

      -Integrated flashlight for better vie in dark conditions

      -Integrated RAE Systems Correction Factors list for more than 200 compounds to measure more chemicals than any other PID

      -Multi language support with 12 languages encoded

      -IP 67 waterproof design for easy cleaning and decontamination in water

      -Automatic lamp type recognition

      -3 year 10.6eV lamp warranty

      Detector Specifications:

      -Size - 10"L x 3.0"W x 2.5"H ( 25.5 x 7.6 x 6.4 cm )

      -Weight - 26oz ( 738 g )

      -Operating Period - 16 hrs of operation ( 12 hrs with alkaline battery )

      -Datalogging - standard 6months at one minute intervals

      -Operating Temperature -  -20deg celcius to 50deg celcius ( -4 to 122deg f )

  • What's included for the price?

      • - PpbRae monitor
      • - wireless communication inbuilt if specified
      • - datalogging with ProRAE studio
      • - travel download charger
      • - RAE uv lamp as specified
      • - flex-i-probe
      • - external filter
      • - black rubber boot with straps
      • - alkaline battery adapter
      • - lamp cleaning and tool kit
      • - Li-ion battery with universal acdc adapter and international plug kit if specified
      • - resources CDROM and maintenance manual
      • - soft leather carrying case
      • - VOC zeroing tube ( 1 box ) , tube adapter , tedlar bag.

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Hard transport case with pre cut foam / charging - download cradle instead of travel charger / 5 porous metal filters & O rings / gas outlet port adapter and tubing

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as accessories kit but includes
10ppm isobutylene calibration gas , 34 litre cylinder
calibration regulator and flow controller

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