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MSA Altair 5X Pumped

The ALTAIR 5X can measure up to six gases simultaneously and can be fitted with a wide range of both toxic and infra-red sensors, providing the flexibility required to meet most applications.

At the heart of the ALTAIR 5X are MSA's XCell sensors, now with an extended range covering SO2, Cl2, and NH3. Superior stability, accuracy, repeatability, fast response and longevity characterize the new MSA XCell sensors. They are remarkably long-lasting and the standard sensors are designed for an average life of more than four years (more than three years for SO2, Cl2, and NH3) These new sensors allow for faster response/clear times, bump tests in less than 10 seconds, and span calibration time of 60 seconds for common configurations, thanks to micro-electronics inside the sensor. XCell Sensors provide greater signal stability and repeatability under changing or extreme environmental conditions and are plug-and-play-capable. An end-of-sensor-life indicator gives advanced warning to user, eliminating service outages.

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      -New XCell exotic SO2, Cl2, and NH3 Sensors for expanded monitoring applications

      -Sensor response and clear times in under 15 seconds for most common sensor configurations

      -Span calibration time of 60 seconds for most common sensor configurations

      -Greater signal stability and repeatability under changing or extreme environmental conditions

      -All XCell Sensors are capable of plug-and-play capabilities for easy reconfiguration

      -Typical life greater than four years for combustible, O2, CO/H2S, and SO2 sensors

      -Typical life greater then three years for NH3, and Cl2 sensors

      -Combustible sensor proprietary operating made helps it stand up to poisons over the life of the sensor

      -End-Of-Sensor-Life warning gives advanced notice to user, reducing service outages

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