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MSA Altair 4X

Multi Gas

MSA's ALTAIR® 4X Multigas Detector with new MSA XCell™ Sensor Technology offers many performance advantages: faster response time, four-year sensor life, increased stability, and less than 60-second calibration time. The ALTAIR® 4X Multigas Detector operates with only MSA XCell™ Sensors for LEL, O2, two-toxic H2S/CO, or individual H2S and CO sensors.
The ALTAIR® 4X Multigas Detector is compatible with the ALTAIR® 4 QuickCheck® Station and the ALTAIR® 4 GALAXY® Test Stand (GALAXY® System software upgrade is required), and provides exclusive optional MotionAlert™ and InstantAlert™ features.

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    • Key Features:

      -Full three-year warranty

      -Rugged housing

      -Withstands 20-foot drop

      -Easy to operate

      -Agency certified IP67 rating

      -Four-year sensor life, 60% longer than the industry average

      -MSA exclusive instrument end-of-sensor life warning

      -24-hour run time, 71% longer than the industry average

      -Fast, high-performing sensors

      -MSA exclusive MotionAlert™ & InstantAlert™ Features

      -50% less calibration gas used per minute than the industry average

      -Sensor response and clear times under 15 seconds, 38% faster than the industry average

      -Span calibration time of 60 seconds

      -Typical cost savings of over 50% on calibration gas, replacement sensors and maintenance

      -Greater signal stability and repeatability under changing or extreme environmental conditions

      -Two-tox CO/H2S sensor with virtually no cross-channel interference

      -The digital output of the sensors makes them much less susceptible to RF interference

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