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Drager X-am 7000

Multi Gas

Dräger X-am 7000 is the innovative solution for the simultaneous and continuous detection of up to five gases. A combination of more than 25 sensors allows flexible solutions to individual monitoring tasks. The Dräger X-am 7000 can be equipped with three electrochemical, and two catalytic bead or infrared sensors.
The software menu of the Dräger X-am 7000 was designed in partnership with our customers making it simple and easy to use. Functions such as TWA and STEL values, as well as functions, like peak hold can be viewed or switched on quickly and with minimal training.
A new, flexible goose-neck probe simplifies the search for leaks at e.g. flanges, shut-off devices and valves. In the tracking-mode, the instrument generates an increasing or decreasing rate of beeps, depending on the gas concentration detected.
Additional to the built-in dust and splash water protection, the Dräger X-am 7000 can be submersed without damage. A specially designed rubber-boot protects the instrument against damage from a drop of 1.5 m (5 ft.).
The completely new design of the rechargeable battery block with intelligent charging management guarantees full functionality of the instrument over a period of up to 20 hours (depending on the battery type). An alcaline battery pack is also available.
It is the ideal companion in a great number of applications where reliable monitoring of Oxygen, toxic and combustibles gases and vapors in the ambient air is necessary.

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  • Instrument Product Key Information

    • Key Features:

      -Flexibility through sensor variety

      -Intelligent and interchangeable sensors

      -Intuitive software functions

      -Leak search functionality

      -Rugged and waterproof

      -Built for longevity

      -Multiple warning systems

      -Information at a glance

      -Data management

      -Strong built in pump

      -Excellent visible and audible alarms

      -Large easily readable display

      Detector Specifications:

      -Dimensions - 150 W x 140 H x 75 D mm

      -Weight - 600 g , rechargeable battery 490g

      -Operating Temperature -  -20deg to 55 deg c ( -40 to 60 deg f )

  • What's included for the price?

      • - monitor
      • - carrying strap without waistbelt
      • - rubber boot

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