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Drager Direct Indicating Diffusion Tubes

Using the principles of gas diffusion and colorimetric reaction, Dräger Color Diffusion Tubes allow the user to reliably measure Time-Weighted Average (TWA) concentrations for up to eight hours. An easy-to-use tube holder allows safe tube end removal and secure sampling. Color Diffusion Tubes can be evaluated at any point during a workshift. The calibrated scale printed directly on each tube indicates parts-per-million-hours (ppm-hours). For a TWA reading, simply determine the point where the stain length ends and divide this reading by the total length of sampling time. No pumps, charts, or analyses are needed.

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      Drager Direct Indicating Diffusion Tubes
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      -Simple-to-use and economical; Break tube end off and sample; No pump needed

      -Accurate and reliable TWA sampling; Calibrated scale printed directly on tube allows on-the-spot reading of exposure; No charts or lengthy calculations needed

      Convenient and easy-to-use tube holder

      -Allows safe tube end removal and secure sampling in the breathing zone

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PN 6733014

(+ £70.48 per unit)

10-200ppm x h
PN 8101071

(+ £70.48 per unit)

20-1500ppm x h
PN 8101301

(+ £70.48 per unit)

10-300ppm x h
PN 8101161

(+ £70.48 per unit)

500-20000ppm x h
PN 8101381

(+ £70.48 per unit)

1-30% vol x h
PN 8101051

(+ £68.17 per unit)

50-600ppm x h
PN 6733191

(+ £70.48 per unit)

1000-25000ppm x h
PN 8101151

(+ £68.17 per unit)

10-200ppm x h
PN 6733111

(+ £70.48 per unit)

20-200ppm x h
PN 6733221

(+ £68.17 per unit)

10-300ppm x h
PN 6733091

(+ £70.48 per unit)

10-2000ppm x h
PN 8101111

(+ £68.17 per unit)

200-1500ppm x h
PN 8101401

(+ £70.48 per unit)

5-150ppm x h
PN 8101091

(+ £70.48 per unit)

100-3000ppm x h
PN 8101421

(+ £70.48 per unit)

200-1000ppm x h
PN 8101421

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