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News item: Update re MiniRAE 2000 PID Monitor


Ribble Enviro are pleased to reiterate that we will continue to support the MiniRAE 2000 PID monitor until the end of 2016. This is contrary to information out there that any existing MiniRAE 2000 monitors cannot be used after the 31/12/14 due to the monitor becoming obsolete.Whilst RAE will not be supporting the unit after that date with the production of new parts , as a company we are committed to ensuring that our customers who have this unit will be given the same service and calibration options as long as the unit is able to be serviced or repaired and parts are available ex stock which RAE have stated will be at least till September 2015 and we have spares already in stock. The implied option put out by other Gas Detection companies that this unit must to be replaced by the end of the year with the costlier MiniRAE 3000 or alternative is not correct and we can also confirm that we are also able to provide the MiniRAE Lite as an alternative option as well as the MiniRAE 3000

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